Review – A Site That Hides Negative Reviews Main Page Main Page is gaining fame very fast and according to their website, they were named top selling drug company worldwide in the year 2012, though they World-drugs did not indicate which body gave them the award. They sell their health care products at very affordable prices and World-drugs main aim is to make expensive drugs and healthcare products affordable to everybody. The company is USA based but most likely from India. World-drugs have not indicated how long the e-shop has been in operation but since they received an award in 2012, it seems World-drugs has been in operation now for more than five years.

World-drugs deals with the sale of generic drugs because they are cheaper compared to the original brands. The store sells different categories of drugs ranging from Antibiotics, Asthma and Allergies, Cancer drugs, Blood pressure drugs, Erectile Dysfunction, Fertility Agent, even HIV drugs and much more. Of all drugs, ED drugs are their best seller since they are the ones marketed on their home page. I believe it is also because they are the most bought drugs online.

While reviewing World-drugs I will be specific on ED drugs since they are the only drugs I do purchase online. The store has an ED trial pack that contains Sildenafil 100mg, Levitra 20mg, and Tadalafil 20mg. I could not find the price of the Trial pack and therefore I Lost my interest for it. Sildenafil Citrate, which is a generic Viagra, is sold for as low as $1.92 for its 25mg. Generic Levitra goes for $3.76. Tadalafil goes for $2.47 for the 10mg pack. For Cialis lovers, you will have to check in other stores since they do not have it here.

After checking the prices, my interest was to confirm whether they are FDA approved or not. World-drugs have not indicated whether they are approved by the FDA, they have only indicated that they purchase generic drugs which are FDA-approved, therefore the assumption is that the drugs are FDA approved. When making purchases they only allow you a maximum of 3 months’ supply of each medication and you need a valid prescription to make the purchase.

World-drugs uses credit card as the most available payment method. It is most preferred because of its simplicity, convenience, and the card companies are very helpful in case of any problems during transactions. The company also assures its client’s safety of their transaction process. Their payment gateway is secured and utilizes SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

Many online stores fail when it comes to shipping strategies. World-drugs ship its packages only through Airmail, which takes approximately 14 to 21 days for arrival. I wish the store would have an alternative to Courier services since they are much faster in comparison to the use of Airmail. The store has not indicated their refund policy on their site. They also do not have a live support chat when you can ask in case of any query. I would, therefore, advise you to use their toll numbers or email services to get more details about their refund policy. Reviews

My curiosity led me to check what other clients were saying about World-drugs online store. The reviews would help me in making judgments about how trusted and viable the company is. From their website one of the client Hensi from the USA thank the company since she received his package on time and the drugs help relieve her acne. John Dorothy also says his drugs were delivered very fast. The comment is from Monica who confirms she received her prescription. Reviews Reviews

These testimonials are from the company’s own website. They do not have reviews from other independent sites and therefore cannot be trusted. I believe the company only selected the positive comments and posted on their sites but neglected the negative reviews. The main aim of this is to give buyers an image that the company is good without any faults. Reviews 2016

Being not satisfied with the reviews from the company’s own website I decided to check what other independent websites say about My journey starts by visiting Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy Trust Rating Trust Rating

Legit Script labels the store as a rogue company. Being labeled rogue means, it is a company that should not be trusted.

Scamadviser is another good site that helps in checking the authenticity of websites. I searched for to see how they rated the company. According to there might be a small chance of risk while transacting with the company. You will, therefore, have to use your instincts in making a choice whether to transact with them. Coupon Codes

I love coupons; they are the best way to save some dollars when making purchases. has such a wonderful package of coupons that they offer to their buyers. Shipping is very costly I would, therefore, go for their offer of free shipping of goods that are above $100. The challenge is that you will just have to buy goods worth that amount. Discount Offers Discount Offers Free Pills Offer Free Pills Offer

For new customer you have an opportunity to get a discount of $25 worth of free products, you better rush since you never know how long the offer will last. They also have their mail a prescription offer in which they will give you an offer of $10.

Conclusion has its own advantages. The company sells generic drugs which are affordable compared to the original brand drugs. Their prices are very competitive and affordable compared to the physical store’s prices. Their medicines are FDA approved making them safe to use. I also love the fact that they only sell drugs to buyers that have RX and prescription from doctors, which is rare among many online pharmacies. Their coupons are very attractive and money saving. However, the company does not have reviews from other independent sites. I would, therefore, give them 3 out of 5. I therefore not make any purchase with them since I do not know the quality of their services from the true voice of other clients who have transacted with them.

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