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The store Roids Mall or is an online shop with its specialty on selling steroids (you can easily deduce that by its name). This virtual steroids shop claims to sell “legal” steroids online and that it is the “best place to buy steroids legally” although it is not clear why the store claims so. According to Roids Mall, it is able to dispense steroids at competitively low prices because the store is an “approved anabolic steroid site”. On the bright side, states that it is the main site and not a scam site or an affiliate marketing site (or a mere reseller of an online pharmacy). However, the store Roids Mall did not indicate where it operates from although it states that it delivers the steroids almost in all places all over the world. No information on the store’s inception was also available in the shop, which was not too surprising, though, since most steroid vendors refuse to disclose their locations and other necessary details on their websites. mentions that it sells only high quality, original products. Roids Mall features products from manufacturers such as Geneza Pharmaceuticals, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Axiolabs, Sciroxx, and other steroid manufacturers. The products accessible on include injectable steroids, oral steroids, weight loss steroids, cycle therapies, HGH (hormones), syringes, and men’s health medications. Roids Mall does not ask for prescriptions for any product available on the store, so the buyers can freely order any drug they need on the online store.

Products such as Dianabol, Stanoxyl, Haloxyl, and various others are the bestsellers of the store and they cost $20 for 30 tablets, $32 for 20 tablets, and $65 for 50 tablets, respectively. As for the men’s health medications available, has several generic and brand-name products from various manufacturers. Familiar brands such as Kamagra, Tadacip, Silagra, and the brand-name erectile dysfunction medications from big pharmaceutical companies are accessible in the store, so the buyers have a lot to choose from. Roids Mall price for Kamagra (Sildenafil) is $149 for 120 tablets and Apcalis is $249 for 120 tablets. However, also sells other brands for a minimum order of about 20-30 pills, so the prices are significantly lower.

Shipping charges on Roids Mall cost $21 or $30, but the store ships orders of $600 and more for free. Payment options are undisclosed, but the store suggests the buyers create and account on the store first in for them to be able to purchase from the online store.

I looked for returns, refunds, and reshipment policies on, but Roids Mall was unable to provide them at the store. Reshipments for seized products are available, but there are some countries excepted to this, so the buyers should check if their countries are eligible for reshipments. Due to the store’s lack of policies for lost and damaged orders, it is highly probable that clients may not have claims for their lost and damaged orders.

Roids Mall may only be contacted using the ticket/message system integration on the pharmacy. If you’re looking for phone numbers, business address, or email address for Roids Mall, prepare to be disappointed as the store did not have any contact detail available on the shop. Reviews

Reviews for are quite mixed, as some buyers declare good things about the service of the store, whilst other clients aired their grievances for the shop. Here are some examples of the store comments for Roids Mall from the past years: Consumers Report Consumers Report

The users “75thranger” and “universalflake” posted their praises for stating that they were able to receive their orders and when they did receive their products, the items were “legit”. According to these buyers, Roids Mall handled their orders excellently and they would definitely place their orders again on the store.

It is notable, too, that customer support actively responded to the positive reviews of its clients. It is rare that shop support teams thank the buyers for their positive feedback. Reviews Reviews

Some buyers, though, complained about the service of Roids Mall. The member “captainmuscles” mentioned that he was not able to receive his order from and besides that, the buyer did not receive replies from support team. The other commenter, though, was banned and his comment deleted for its irrelevance to the thread.

Roids Mall responded to the negative commenter and mentioned that the shop does not accept payments from “AlertPay” and that the response from the team takes about 24 hours. Reviews 2016

More reviews exist for and surprisingly, for the current year. However, the consumer reports for were actually negative and all of them were complaints about the Roids Mall’s inability to complete and ship out orders. Consumer Report 2016 Consumer Report 2016

The most recent comment for was from the user “edger 21211990’, who mentioned purchasing from the store about $1200 worth of products. By the time this review was posted, the buyer was already waiting for his products for more than a month. It was unfortunate that it was the buyer’s first time ordering from the store. There were no updates from the same user, meaning he was still unable to receive his order from Roids Mall. Reviews 2016 Reviews 2016 did receive more reviews, but all were complaints from clients. Some of the reviewers were repeat customers who were able to receive their prior orders from Roids Mall, but their present reviews indicate their disappointment for the shop’s current service.

The buyers complained about not being able to receive their paid orders from Roids Mall and also ranted about not getting any response from the online store, which was unlike the shop. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Checking status on Scam Adviser yielded a fair score of 76%, but the shop was still given a threat listed status due to its existing “rogue pharmacy” status. Roids Mall was a fairly popular site (as it can be inferred from its reviews and also according to its Scam Adviser result), but its rogue status and its links to malware reports are bothersome. The store’s age is almost 9 years and it is detected in India or Germany. Coupon Codes

There were no actual coupons available on, but the store currently offers several discounted products in which buyers can save in cost. According to this banner from Roids Mall, shipping is free, but actually, the shop offers free shipping only for buyers with orders of $600 or more. Free Shipping Offer Free Shipping Offer

If you’re looking for freebies and coupon codes, you’ll actually find none on

Conclusion is an online store with previously good reviews for its products and service. The store was true to its word in the past, as reflected by the accolades it got from its previous clients. I also like the fact that the store offered a wide range of erectile dysfunction products, which were not really present in other online steroid stores. However, the good service of Roids Mall turned bad, as comments for its shop turned sour. One by one, clients complained of their non-receipt of orders and the store’s lack of response to their follow-ups. Because of this store’s current ugly service, I am giving Roids Mall a mere score of 1 out of 5 for its inability to deliver orders.

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