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Source: is a catchy name for a business. Red-corner-store is an online pharmacy that I encountered as I was combing the internet for a reliable ED drug store. There are plenty of pharmacies out there with great reputations but I was interested in what Red Corner Store had to offer. It has a simplistic website that is not filled with adverts and products on every inch of available space. It is essential to note that the search bar is functional and makes the site easy to navigate hence provides the user with a good experience.

I found out that the website was probably established in 2015 and is, therefore, a relatively new website. There is no specific information about the location of on the home page and as I have come to realize, this is common with online pharmacies. The assortment of categories of drugs that offers includes brands for erectile dysfunction, men’s health, anti-diabetic drugs, general health and many other forms of drugs. Some of the ED drugs on offer are priced thus: Generic Viagra going for $0.89 per pill, generic Levitra going for $1.81 per pill and Cialis which costs $1.53 per tab among many others.

Red Corner Store accepts all credit cards which include MasterCard and Visa as well as debit cards. When a customer makes an order, it is processed within two days and is shipped to the customer’s location from the nearest affiliate/warehouse, hence taking a minimum amount of time. The orders can be shipped via the Express Postal Mail Service which takes 2 to 3 days and sets the customer back $29.95. They care also shipped using the Registered Air Mail service that takes 7 to 12 days and costs $14.95. The customer support service is accessible via the toll-free phones; +1 855 804-0569 for the USA and +44 182-888804 for the UK. I called the UK number and received assistance promptly.

The refund policy of the Red Corner Store is for all the orders that are not delivered to the customer. If the order gets damaged during transit, it is subject to a refund to the customer. The shipping and restocking fees are subtracted from the refund for goods that are returned when they had not arrived at the customer’s location. Reviews

It is important, when you are buying something from an unfamiliar online entity, that you look for reviews by other customers who have preceded you to know what to expect yourself. does not have reviews from its customer on its website. I went looking for reviews on other independent firms that are known to do reviews of pharmacies and the search was futile. The lack of reviews regardless of the time when the website was formed is a cause for concern.

How does one know the reputation of a vendor if not via reviews? I was apprehensive about buying anything from an unknown store. To determine the authenticity of the website, I realized that I had to do a scam test on the website. However, at this point, I wouldn’t advise anyone to order from this website. Reviews 2016

To verify the authenticity of, I dived into and I unearthed some unpleasant things about Red Corner Store. The website has been threat listed by which gauges the authenticity of a website based on location and reputation in the internet. It is very undesirable for a person to order from a website that has been threat listed. In addition to that, the website which is masquerading as Netherlands-based was revealed to be from China. Trust Rating Trust Rating

I didn’t quit there and went on to see whether the Red Corner Store is an authentic store or an internet scam. basically analyzes a website based on various pieces of information. For instance, a website that doesn’t have too many visitors has a low popularity rating. Safety Information Safety Information

Based on that information, the is rated a measly 5% by They go ahead to insist that browsing and buying on the website is not a smart move. Coupon Codes

In the checkout section of the website, there are a few discount offers for the visitors who order to encourage them to choose the store again. For orders of Viagra 100mg normal dosage of above 90 pills, Red Corner Store gives the customer an extra 10 Viagra pills as a bonus. Bonus Pills and Free Shipping Offer Bonus Pills and Free Shipping Offer

Besides that, there is free registered Air Mail delivery for customers who make orders of 90 pills or more of the normal 100 mg dosage of Viagra. There are no coupon codes for the site but these are discounts that serve to entice customers into buying more.

Conclusion is an online store in a market crowded with online pharmacies. I was impressed by the interface of the website and its simplicity. It is not infallible as it has no reliable customer care service to back up the impressive array of products. It makes up for that though by having a telephone number that is well-manned meaning you can make enquiries any time during the day/night.

There are no online reviews of on the internet as well as on its own website pages. A good way of determining whether an online store is authentic is the presence of online review, especially both positive and negative. If I were to buy ED pills, I wouldn’t consider Red Corner Store as it has so many question marks looming over its credibility. I would keep looking for other alternatives. I give it 2 stars in good measure out of 5.

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