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If first impressions were the only thing that matters, I’d recommend right away. This pharmacy’s website looks extremely professional and immediately attracts my trust. But that’s not what is most important, so I’ve decided to review this 16-years old drugstore.

Planet Drugs Direct is based in Winnipeg, Canada and is a valid and certified member of Additionally, consumers know they can trust the store as Planet Drugs Direct is licensed and accredited by CIPA, a Canadian association of pharmacies. The store is proving FDA-approved drugs only.

The store offers an enormous variety of drugs, serving a variety of clients. The pricing is not the most economical in the market but is still acceptable. A generic equivalent of Viagra can be obtained by $3.45 per piece, whereas the brand-name Viagra is being sold at $231.99 USD per box of 16 pills (roughly $14.5 per tablet). Other approved generics or brand-name medicines to treat hypertension, depression, cholesterol, and other medical conditions are also widely available.

When I was browsing the website, customer support contacted me immediately via live chat. The operator explained that all US deliveries are free. After questioning the representative regarding refunds, I discovered that Planet Drugs Direct only issues a refund for damaged or non-received packages. enables consumers to pay with debit cards, PayPal, or Credit cards. The pharmacy guarantees a delivery within 5-7 working days after purchasing.

Besides live chat, Planet Drugs Direct can be contacted via phone or e-mail. Live Chat Live Chat Reviews is not known for its professionalism and honesty. On the contrary, Planet Drugs Direct has a terrible reputation among consumers, who filed many complaints about the fraudulent activities this store appears to be involved into. These negative reviews were mainly written in 2013 and 2012.

Consumer Lissett is one of the victims claimed by Planet Drugs Direct. She calls labels the company as “rip-off scam artists”, suggesting that the company should be “shut down by the authorities”. The e-pharmacy, ostensibly, took her money without delivering the products.

In 2012, user RM also wrote it’s “best to avoid” Planet Drugs Direct, detailing the reasons why consumers should not purchase from this shop. He starts by mentioning the big inconvenient it is for a US citizen to deal with customer service of a New Zeeland-based company on a real-time basis. Thus, this consumer faced serious response delays when he filed his complaint. The reason behind RM complaint is even more mischievous – Planet Drugs Direct is selling several items under different names at a much bigger price, thus deceiving consumers. For example, the store advertises to sell the original product, “charge as if the product was manufactured by the original drug company”, but sends a different medicine. RM received an Indian-manufactured generic version of his meds instead of the original one, even though he paid as much as the branded medicine. To conclude his review, RM advises consumers to not purchase from this “unscrupulous company“. I’m curious about this review as Planet Drugs Direct claimed to be based in Canada. Perhaps the store used to have other affiliated pharmacies in different countries. Customer Experience Customer Experience Reviews 2016

I went on to check if reputation has improved over the years. I was able to gather some reviews from more recent clients.

At least, one customer was pleased with the services provided by the drugstore. Nevertheless, many more still faced the non-delivery problem without any compensation from Planet Drugs Direct. This is the case of Marcelino, s Spanish customer whose meds “never arrived“. After asking the store for an alternative or a refund, Planet Drugs Directed blamed the situation on DHL as the package simply “disappeared in Germany”. Marcelino spent 200 euros for a “bad experience”.

Lowell Kratz states he’s been using Planet Drugs Direct “for years” for their “friendly” service and “discounts”. This very happy customer loves the “savings” and believes the store is a “great company”. Customer Experience 2016 Customer Experience 2016

My trust on is almost gone after reading all those negative feedbacks. But I believe in second chances, so I instinctively did a small security evaluation using Scam Adviser.

Sadly, the store continues to have a poor reputation and a very low trust rating. Scam Adviser, like many previous consumers, told me to not use this unsafe site. Trust Rating Trust Rating Coupon Codes

One thing that I like to see on online pharmacies is discounts. I enjoy having the possibility to save some extra bucks. Discounts and coupon codes keep me loyal and drawn to a pharmacy. Here’s what has to offer:

If I’m ordering for the first time, Planet Drugs Direct will give me a 5% discount. I just have to quote the code “Calder” at the checkout. This is a great way to attract more clients to buy from this e-pharmacy.

Planet Drugs Direct is also trying to gather a stronger social media network. To incentive consumers to like the store’s Facebook page, Planet Drugs Direct is offering a coupon code for a 5% discount for each like.

Yet, the company doesn’t offer any other discounts for returning customers. Discount Offers Discount Offers


It’s very easy to access clients’ feedbacks of The store is, therefore, quite popular among consumers. Despite being a verified pharmacy, Planet Drugs Direct needs to severely improve its clients’ satisfaction and happiness. Although the company has some great reviews, many recent consumers started to experience delays or not receiving the products at all. It’s a disappointing how a store won’t take responsibility for misplaced orders.

Another review that raised my concern was one made back in 2012, where the customer accuses Planet Drugs Direct of misleading clients and selling them a different medication. However, I didn’t find any extra evidence to support this case.

Since Scam Adviser’s result is not favorable either, I recommend you to use this 3/5 pharmacy if you have to, but without placing big orders.

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