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Some online pharmacies only are specialized to offer only a certain type of pharmaceuticals. Such is the case of which is a provider of high-quality anabolic steroids and an approved supplier at This type of medicines is mainly dedicated to bodybuilders and athletes, but people with hormone-related disturbances can rely on Naps Gear as well. If first impressions were all that counted, I’d have thought that Naps Gear was a sports website rather than a pharmacy.

The store has divided the meds into different categories (oral or injectable steroids, European pharmacies, Singapore pharmacies, among others) which allow me to browse them quicker. displays a list of the store’s best-selling brands, including the well-known British Dispensary, Bayer, Geneza, and Alpha-Pharma. These meds are all FDA-approved, thus I know I’m completely safe. Naps Gear doesn’t sell any erectile dysfunction meds. Instead, the company offers steroids at very considerable prices. For example, a pill of azolol costs only $0.3, Omnadren for $7 per piece, and Androlic for only $1.15. Branded steroids are considerably more expensive – one pack of Hygetropin can be purchased by the tremendous amount of $504.

After payment, the goodies are shipped within 3-4 days to most countries in the world. Most European countries, such as Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Norway, France, etc., have very strict customs regulations, so won’t ship there. Other prohibited countries are listed on the store’s website. Reshipment is also limited to some countries. Naps Gear only offers one shipping method: regular airmail for $25.00. I can count to have my meds within 2.3 weeks.

I have several options to pay for my meds: Wester Union, Money Gram, Coinstar, Bitcoins, or Wire Transfer. However, only allows wire transfers for orders above $500.

The store can be contacted via e-mail or live chat. I tried the live chat to ask from where was based. The customer support quickly answered that they are an international company. If a product is seized or lost, Naps Gear will give my money back. Live Chat Live Chat Reviews

If a store doesn’t have any reviews or very bad customer feedback, I won’t even bother to buy my meds there. To check how trustworthy, I looked for feedbacks of previous clients. Naps Gear has its own Testimonials page on the official website, but I found other much more reliable reviews in independent websites.

I have reasons to believe is a popular store. Some of these comments were written days ago.

John Roberts is quite satisfied and explains how the product he ordered was “the best” he had ever used.

User Future2506 also wrote a big review to say he will only buy from from now on. This user already bought products from this store “three times” and “two of the three were fast shipping”. This user also states that the meds are “legit” and the company has “the best products”. Testimonials Testimonials

These reliable reviews make me believe that is a legit source of meds. As for now, I’m very pleased with my findings. Reviews 2016

The flow of positive reviews still remains. Francisco Saez is another very happy customer who believes Geneza meds sold by have “great quality” and are “100% legit”.

Suly Khan also “highly” recommends the store, considering Napsgear.og to be “the best on the market”. Suly writes that all steroids are “authentic” and the delivery is “fast and reliable”. Testimonials 2016 Testimonials 2016

It seems that is known as a reputable store and provides an outstanding service.

Al Dileo also explained the reasons why he believes is “amazing”. According to him, the company helps clients to track their order since day one.

Chris Rafalko already purchased from a few times. Chris shares how the products are delivered “professionally” every time. Moreover, the meds are “perfect and work the way they should”. He finishes by thanking the store for its “wonderful service“. Reviews 2016 Reviews 2016 Coupon Codes

Steroids can be quite expensive. Even though that does provide them at cheaper costs, I would still rather save some extra money on my wallet.

I browsed Naps Gear website looking for some coupon codes, but the company is not offering any. Instead, incentives consumers to pay with bitcoin to save 20%. This means is that I can get a 20% off if I use this payment method. Bitcoin Discount Bitcoin Discount

The store also has available some extra seasonal discounts, allowing me to save some more on special holidays.

Conclusion seems to have all the necessary ingredients that a legitimate online pharmacy needs. I don’t like the fact that the store didn’t tell me where its whereabouts are, but everything else is completely fine by me. is selling anabolic steroids from the best and more trustworthy pharmaceutical brands. These brands are well established in the market and I know their meds are effective. Furthermore, these pharmaceuticals only put on the market safe and approved medicines. I know my health is not compromised when taking these meds. This is a big advantage for

Another I am very satisfied with is the amazing reviews this store has. Customers are quite happy with the overall service provided by Most feedbacks are positive, and from returning customers. Additionally, these customers recommend buying from these stores. is the type of online pharmacy I’d go to. I believe this store is trustworthy and a dispenser of quality meds. I’d definitely buy from here. My money and my health are perfectly secure. I am awarding this store a 5 out 5. I recommend all the readers to see what policy on shipping meds to the country is.

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