Review – US Residents Can Fill Their Meds Here Without Hassle Main Page Main Page is an online drugstore that allows me to fill my prescriptions only at affordable rates. The store is a regulated e-pharmacy based in Florence, Kentucky. It tranquilizes me that Health Warehouse is constantly monitored by the US Government because I know that I’ll be taking only safe medicines. The pharmacy handles quite a big clientele and is providing only FDA-approved medication. No surprises here since the store is closely watched by the US health entities. Personally, it’s nice to finally see a store that is in compliance with the main health regulation standards. The flowchart is very simple: I only need to order my meds, send a valid prescription, and Health Warehouse will deliver the meds at my doorstep.

The company has a strong presence in social media with more than 4000 followers on Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, Health Warehouse claims to be America’s Trusted Online Pharmacy since 2008. In fact, the store is VIPPS accredited pharmacy (National Association Boards of Pharmacy), and an accredited business by BBB. is able to provide home medical supplies, meds for pets, over the counter medicines, and diabetic supplies. is capable of providing a variety of meds (both generics and brand name) at a less cost than local pharmacies. However, the pricing range is considerably higher when compared with other online drugstores. Health Warehouse caters meds up to 30% less than local drugstores. Branded Cialis 20mg pills have a cost of $69,54 each, while Pfizer’s Viagra 100 mg can be acquired for $62.37 per tablet. Health Warehouse provides a much more economical FDA-approved generic version of Sildenafil Citrate for only $0.80 per piece. The pharmacy only accepts major credit cards, mailed paper checks, and Check Gateway as forms of payment.

As for shipping, only ships within the US and does it freely. Orders are expected to arrive within 8 business days. However, I am able to select among other 4 shipping options with a tracking number: signature confirmation (USPS) for $3.95 (8 business days), UPS tracking for $11.95 (5 business days), UPSP priority for $10.00 (within 3 days), 2-day UPS for $17.95, and next day air UPS for $29.95.

Prescription meds cannot be returned by law. Nevertheless, Health Warehouse offers a full refund for over-the-counter meds in case of non-satisfaction.

This enormous store can be contacted via online chat during normal working hours, e-mail, or via phone (1-800-748-7001). I can also order by calling this number directly. Reviews

Although widely available, the reviews concerning services are bitter-sweet. The company does have several positive reviews, but also some negative ones. On its Facebook page, Health Warehouse has a 3.4/5 score.

Jane is very happy with the service. The product she ordered was “exactly as described” and came when “it was supposed to” so she has nothing to complain about.

Betty is another very satisfied customer as Health warehouse has “exactly” what she needed. Moreover, Betty is particularly glad about the fast shipping and “low price“. Christine keeps it simple but gives the company a 5-star rating due to its “prompt delivery”.

Sue isn’t happy with Health Warehouse service, as the delivery was made “2 weeks after promised”. Moreover, Sue explains she’s principally upset with the rude comments she encountered with customer service. She concludes by saying she “will not be shopping again”. Since Health Warehouse cares about its clients’ satisfaction, the team reached out to Sue to try to clear up this confusion. In big stores, it’s normal that not all operations go smoothly. I hope that Sue gets what she needs. Feedback Feedback Reviews 2016

The reviews continue to be mixed regarding I’m still ok with such reviews since they are mainly positive and optimistic. Accidents and mistakes happen all the time, and I’m glad to see Health Warehouse’s team try to fix their mistakes with unsatisfied clients.

One of these examples is from AlexS, who rated the pharmacy as a 2/5. He decided to try ordering from this pharmacy after seeing how “reasonable” the prices were. He regrets not believing in the reviews he read on which clients complain about the “long wait time“. Alex won’t order from this store again due to “the validation and processing wait times”. The Health Warehouse apologized and assured he’d get his order looked into right away.

Samantha’s meds arrived “within a couple days”, making her very satisfied with the “very prompt” deliver. However, she never received an email once confirming the shipping and firmly believes it’s something the store should improve.

Michael is also pleased with the “excellent service”, particularly because the store quickly replaced his “back-order” product. Feedback 2016 Feedback 2016 Coupon Codes

Even though most meds are more expensive than many other e-pharmacies in the market, doesn’t offer any coupon codes or discounts. The meds are still cheaper than local pharmacies, which puts this store nicely positioned in the US market.

The store offers free standard shipping on all orders for every US state and territory. For orders with a tracking number, clients need to pay an extra fee. Free Shipping Offer Free Shipping Offer


I can jump straight to business and award a 4/5 rating. It’s definitely the type of store I’d go to, at least to get my hands on some cheap FDA-approved generics. I’m not giving Health Warehouse a full rating for two reasons: some of the meds are very expensive and not affordable by all, and the store can have occasional delays on its operational side. Thus, people may have to wait for more for their orders.

I am strongly convinced that I will get meds that will be effective and won’t harm me. I’m also pleased with the customer service who cares enough to approach unhappy clients and try to mend their situation. In summary, is a great and reliable source of meds for US citizens.

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