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The online store Athletes Pharmacy ( is an anabolic steroids store which offers steroids and similar products from various suppliers such as Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, Geneza Pharmaceuticals, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharmaceuticals and several others. According to the store, it supplies clients with “top notch”, genuine, and safe steroids at discount prices. Athletes Pharmacy came to being in 2008 and it’s because of the demand for online steroids suppliers. Since then, supplied high-quality and genuine steroids to its international clients and it has established a good relationship with the buyers by having a reliable reshipment policy when it came to seized, lost, or damaged orders. has products available and they were categorized into 12 major groups. Athletes Pharmacy classified its products under oral steroids, injectable steroids, PCTs, HGH Peptides, syringes and needles, and sale steroids by manufacturer. Besides the bodybuilding products, AlthletesPharmacy also sold sexual health medications, weight loss drugs, and general health products. The store states that its steroids and the rest of its products are licensed and are 100% effective. There was no mention of asking the buyers for prescriptions for any of the shop’s products, so it can be said that Athletes Pharmacy is dispensing orders by clients without necessitating them to provide a written Rx for their orders.

Featured products on include Testoxyl Enanthate 250 from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals ($45 per 10 mL vial), Testoxyl Cypionate from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals ($45 per 10 mL vial), Enantat 250 from Dragon Pharma ($420 for 10 x 10 mL vials), and several other steroid products. Apart from the steroid and hormone therapy products on Athletes Pharmacy, the store also had treatments for other clinical conditions such as male impotence. For buyers looking for impotence drugs or erectile dysfunction products (ED), is a good place to look for these products since the store has a long list of available products for the sexual condition. Athletes Pharmacy has generic and branded products from various suppliers and the store sells the meds at affordable prices. Generic Viagra (100 mg) from an unknown manufacturer in India is sold by for only $66 per 120 tablets. Generic Cialis (from also an unknown Indian supplier), on the other hand, is sold by Athletes Pharmacy for as low as $84 for a 120-tablet pack (20 mg).

Shipping is charged by for a flat $30, regardless of buyer location. In case products do not arrive within 20 business days after the expected delivery date, Athletes Pharmacy will reship the orders. However, orders from clients in Canada, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Scandinavian countries, and South Korea are not eligible for reshipment.

The payment methods were not discussed on the store, even in its FAQ section. Athletes Pharma does not offer a guest checkout option, so buyers should register first on the store before being able to order from

No phone numbers and addresses were posted on, but buyers can reach the store using the ticket system or the message function accessible on the store. Reviews

There were comments for the performance of Athletes Pharmacy from external websites such as muscle gurus from 2 to 3 years back, and the comments by the clients for the store were indeed positive. Most of the clients claimed that they received their orders and they rated the shop excellently. Customers Scores Customers Scores

Users from rated mostly 5 stars for the shop’s performance in the areas of product quality, pricing offers, ordering process, and customer service. The image above is the rating of one client for the store. Feedback Feedback Reviews Reviews Testimonial Testimonial

Apart from the external reviews for Athletes Pharmacy, the store also had on-site reviews posted on its website. The store got good ratings from clients, for instance, this good review from a user “qwerty123456”, who gave 5 out of 5 stars to the store for various aspects of the store. The same buyer also stated that the store had great products and reasonable discounts for the clients. Reviews 2016

More client reviews were available for on-site and most of them were good reviews. However, the clients were also honest enough to state the weaknesses of Athletes Pharmacy and the problems they encountered during their order process. Testimonial 2016 Testimonial 2016

Rmcintosh, one user, gave 5/5 stars for and its product quality and even stated that the products on the store were top notch. Review 2016 Review 2016

Although the store was given a good rating by the buyer 2ndforce, the user complained about the payment options available on Athletes Pharmacy and stated that the options are time-consuming. Feedback 2016 Feedback 2016

The same buyer also complained about a snag in his order; the buyer’s record did not reflect that he already paid for the items. Also, he complained about the shop taking too long to reply. Needless to say, the buyer’s problem was still resolved and he still gave a good rating for Customer Rating Customer Rating

Third-party reviews were still available for for the year 2016 and the website stated that 20 reviews were written for Athletes Pharmacy and on the average, the store scored 98.33% on a scale of 1 to 100. Coupon Codes did not overtly state its discounts available for its buyers, but the store hinted at discounts for orders more than $1000. Discount Offers Discount Offers

Athletes Pharmacy will re-price the items for buyers with larger orders. Besides this discount, no other deals exist on, even freebie pills or free shipping (conditional).

Conclusion is an online steroid store claiming to offer 100% legitimate and effective steroid products for the buyers. The reviews intended for the store from an external source were great, and the buyers seemed pleased with the store’s performance. Product pricing on Athletes Pharmacy is good and the products were affordable. I am rating this shop 3 out of 5, though, because there was no indication if the meds on the store were FDA approved and last time I checked, it is still illegal to sell no-Rx medications online, especially steroids.

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