Review – A Site That Hides Negative Reviews is gaining fame very fast and according to their website, they were named top selling drug company worldwide in the year 2012, though they World-drugs did not indicate which body gave them the award. They sell their health care products at very affordable prices and World-drugs main aim is to make expensive drugs and […] Review – A New Store That is Untrustworthy and Risky for Business

Source: is a catchy name for a business. Red-corner-store is an online pharmacy that I encountered as I was combing the internet for a reliable ED drug store. There are plenty of pharmacies out there with great reputations but I was interested in what Red Corner Store had to offer. It has a […] Review – Online Drug Store with Crazy Discounts and Poor Popularity is a ‘one-stop med store’ that specializes on generic prescriptions. Just as it is my priority to nurture a saving lifestyle, the store offers me up to 80% discount on generic tablets. Clicking at the’ Guide to save on prescription drugs’ I get an understanding of the variations between branded and generic medicines. I’m […] Review – A Cheap but Low Trust Rated Online Pharmacy is an online vendor or pharmaceutical drugs, both generic and branded, which are offered at low and affordable prices. All drugs are sent from Europe so customers can anticipate smooth transaction with no problems from the customs and taxes. According to the website, the drugs are procured from reputable suppliers and manufacturers worldwide. However, […] Review – Steroid E-Store with Good Reviews and Average Prices

The online store Athletes Pharmacy ( is an anabolic steroids store which offers steroids and similar products from various suppliers such as Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharma, Geneza Pharmaceuticals, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Dragon Pharmaceuticals and several others. According to the store, it supplies clients with “top notch”, genuine, and safe steroids at discount prices. Athletes Pharmacy came […] Review – A Verified Pharmacy With a Declining Operational Success

If first impressions were the only thing that matters, I’d recommend right away. This pharmacy’s website looks extremely professional and immediately attracts my trust. But that’s not what is most important, so I’ve decided to review this 16-years old drugstore. Planet Drugs Direct is based in Winnipeg, Canada and is a valid and certified […] Review – US Residents Can Fill Their Meds Here Without Hassle is an online drugstore that allows me to fill my prescriptions only at affordable rates. The store is a regulated e-pharmacy based in Florence, Kentucky. It tranquilizes me that Health Warehouse is constantly monitored by the US Government because I know that I’ll be taking only safe medicines. The pharmacy handles quite a big […] Review – One of The Best Steroid Pharmacy

Some online pharmacies only are specialized to offer only a certain type of pharmaceuticals. Such is the case of which is a provider of high-quality anabolic steroids and an approved supplier at This type of medicines is mainly dedicated to bodybuilders and athletes, but people with hormone-related disturbances can rely on Naps Gear […]